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Carl Craven was an associate of Quiver Trembly. He had light hair and wore large eyeglasses.

Carl and Quiver had been friends in college, where they were both political radicals. Carl later got a job at Diet Smith's fusion energy plant.

When Quiver and her associates Prunella and Angeltop were fugitives, they hid at Carl's home. Quiver exploited Carl's affection for her to secure his cooperation. Carl was willing to cooperate with the women's plan to use a Xylon bomb to take the energy plant hostage and make political demands, but he was not willing to engage in their plan to detonate the bomb, killing everyone inside.

When Carl voiced his objections, Quiver knocked him unconscious and tied him to a chair. Angeltop took his identification and used it to gain access to the energy plant. Carl revived and argued with Quiver, who was planning to detonate the bomb by remote control.

The bomb at the energy plant was rendered inert and Angeltop killed herself rather than be caught. Prunella was arrested at the energy plant. The police were able to trace the telephone call that Quiver made to make her demands, and she was arrested.


A later Rogues' Gallery entry indicated that Carl turned state's evidence.