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"Cappy" Williams (real name unrevealed) was a member of Shaky's gang. He typically wore a flat cap (hence his nickname).

Cappy was an accomplice in Shaky's "Badger Game" involving Snowflake Falls. He worked closely with "Specs" Jones.

When Snowflake was rescued from the gang by Dick Tracy and the police, Specs and Cappy agreed to Shaky's plan to abduct her back. Specs and Cappy posed as photographers with guns concealed behind their cameras. They gained access to the police station under the pretense of wanting to photograph Snowflake for an out-of-town newspaper.

Specs and Cappy held Chief Brandon and the other officers present at gunpoint while Shaky took Snowflake out of the police station. Brandon was able to get a signal to other officers in the building, who then surprised Jones and Williams and shot them to death.


  • Cappy (and Specs) were not identified by name in their original appearances in the strip
    . They identified themselves as Mr. Williams and Mr. Jones (respectively) when they were posing as newspaper photographers, but was not immediately apparent if these were their real names of aliases. Their names were confirmed in a later Rogues' Gallery feature.
  • Cappy and Specs were known to have associated with Joe Doke. It is not clear if they ever worked with Shaky's other known accomplices Eddie Endit or Marty Mennis.
  • There is no apparent connection between Cappy Williams and Empty Williams.