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The male dog named Cappy belonged to the criminal Onyx Fencer and his wife.

After the Fencers' home was destroyed in a hurricane, Cappy was lost some distance away. Onyx was despondent over the loss of his home and wife in the hurricane, and was wallowing in self-pity in the wreckage of his home when Cappy made his way back. Fencer was pleased to see his dog alive, but his optimism faded again when he realized that his criminal associates intended to kill him.

Onyx Fencer carried Cappy in a gunny sack to relieve Cappy's injured feet. Seeing no hope for his future, Fencer climbed onto a tall bridge, intending to jump to his death. He carried Cappy with him. The police encountered Fencer before he jumped and urged him to spare the dog's life. Fencer jumped, carrying Cappy in the sack.

Fencer died in the fall, but Cappy survived and was rescued by Dick Tracy.


  • A later strip indicated that Cappy was adopted by Pat Patton, who decided to call him "Lucky". Cappy's fate is unknown.
  • It is not clear what breed Cappy was. He was similar in appearance to Stony, which may indicate that he was a terrier.