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Cal Bullet was the only offspring of Highway Police Chief George Bullet. His mother was deceased, and Cal and his father lived in the same home. Cal had dark hair and wore thick eyeglasses.

Working With Pruneface[]

Cal was a brilliant chemist, but was also greedy for power and money. He offered to make poison gas for Nazi agent Pruneface.

When Cal's father discovered his son's treason, Cal fatally gassed his father. When George's body was discovered by Dick Tracy, Tracy became suspicious of Cal.

Investigated By Dick Tracy[]


Despite Cal's best efforts, Tracy discovered Cal's method of communicating with Pruneface, using the juke box named Clara as a go-between. Tracy learned that Cal was involved in treasonable activities, and (with Frizzletop's help) tricked Cal into leading him to Pruneface's hideout.

When Tracy and his new friend Officer Dennis O'Copper became trapped in Pruneface's basement, Pruneface left Cal tied up to "test" his own poison gas. Knowing that he was dying, Cal admitted to committing treason and murder to Tracy and named "Boche" as the head of the Nazi agents. Tracy and O'Copper survived and went on Pruneface's trail, but Cal died from the poison gas.


  • CalDeath
    At the time of his encounter with Dick Tracy, Cal was stated to be 20 years old. It was also stated that his mother had died 20 years ago. It's possible that Mrs. Bullet died while giving birth, or if not, then shortly after.
  •  Pruneface apparently made a point of keeping his associates separate, so there is no indication that Cal would have had any interaction with Togo or Agent 20.