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The criminal known as "Button" was a high-ranking member of The Apparatus, a nationwide crime syndicate. Button had prominent front teeth and wavy light hair. He typically wore "short shirts" that revealed his midriff.

Abducting Jack Grafic[]

Button became annoyed that newspaper columnist Jack Grafic was reporting on his activities. Button abducted Grafic, inadvertently leaving Grafic's artificial leg behind. Grafic's editors refused to print the sanitized columns that Button personally dictated to Grafic, so Button planned to kill Grafic.

Button allowed Grafic to order his favorite meal before dying. Dick Tracy and the MCU had staked out Grafic's favorite Chinese restaurant and traced the order back to Button's apartment. Grafic was rescued unharmed and Button was arrested along with several members of his gang.

Escaping from Jail[]

Button staged two escapes from police custody. After his first attempt failed, he took young Homer Barley (the boy known as Peanutbutter) as a hostage. Button fled with Peanutbutter to the apartment of his sister Hope Lezz. Hope refused to help Button, and left him and Peanutbutter in her home. Dick Tracy investigated Lezz's apartment and Button was able to capture subdue him.

Button contrived a death trap wherein Peanutbutter was hung out a high window supported by a rope that was tied around Tracy's neck. Tracy himself was then bound to a heavy table inside the apartment. If Tracy shook the rope around his neck loose, the boy would fall to his death. If Tracy left the rope in place, the boy's weight would eventually strangle him. Button then left the two to their fate. Tracy was able to use his sharp belt buckle to saw through the adhesive tape his hands had been bound with and freed himself and Peanutbutter.

Button tracked down his sister at her secondary residence, and he and a henchman named Pocs moved in. When the police surrounded this new hideout, Hope experienced a mental breakdown due to the stress. She shot her brother and Pocs to death, then cheerfully surrendered to the police and admitted what she had done. She later hanged herself while in custody at police headquarters.


  • Button appears on the cover of The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 27.
  • Button's sister's surname was "Lezz". There was no indication that this sister was (or had been) married, so it is possible that Lezz was Button's surname as well.