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The unnamed daughter of the burglar who was killed while stealing from Diet Smith Industries was a slender woman with straight blonde hair.

Watching Diet Smith Industries[]

The burglar's daughter was one of three people associated with the Apparatus who monitored activity at Diet Smith Industries as part of a scheme to steal valuable material and merchandise. In addition to their reconnaissance activities, the three were also known to have peddled narcotics in the area. She had also interacted with Marvin Barley, an employee of the facility who had been recruited to help with the robbery plan.

After Barley was discovered and killed in a shootout with police, Dick Tracy and the other officers took notice of the three observers and attempted to identify them. They recruited Marvin's son Homer (who had a talent for surveillance) to gather a voice recording of the woman. Homer was also able to accurately sketch the woman's face.

Kidnapping Peanutbutter[]

The police compared Homer's sketch to a photograph of the deceased burglar and deduced that they were related. At the same time, the trio realized that Homer was helping the police and arranged to abduct him. Homer (who also went by the nickname "Peanutbutter") was grabbed off the sidewalk and placed in a duffel bag in the backseat of a car that was then left on a railroad track. A train struck the car and demolished it. Homer was presumed killed.

The trio were then met by an unnamed fourth associate who picked them up in another car. Their car got a flat tire, and the criminals then stole the high-powered funny car belonging to the mechanic Girly Mac (who they encountered on the roadside).

The funny car was spotted by police in a Space Coupe and a chase ensued. The criminals lost control of the car. It crashed and caught fire. All four criminals were killed in the blaze. Homer Barley was later found alive.


  • The police speculated that the burglar's daughter was motivated by a desire to avenge her father. She never expressed this sentiment herself, and it was implied that she had been involved in criminal activity before her father's death. She would not meet the criteria as a revenge-seeking relative.
  • The burglar's daughter was seen only from behind for the first part of her storyline, and there was confusion among the police about the suspect's gender. This was a bit of social commentary about traditional gender presentation from creator Chester Gould.
  • The Burglar's daughter had some characteristics in common with The Doll, but there was no indication that they were intended to be the same character.