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The unnamed burglar who attempted to steal from Diet Smith Industries was blond man with wavy hair. He was affiliated with the criminal organization known as The Apparatus.

The burglar acquired stolen material while on the premises of Diet Smith Industries (apparently provided by Marvin Barley). He then attempted to evade the facility's security and was shot and killed.

The burglar's body was taken to the city morgue where it was examined by the coroner. The Apparatus agent Duzzin Matta sneaked into the morgue and knocked the coroner unconscious, then switched the burglar's body with that of an unidentified hit & run victim. This was an attempt to prevent the police from learning the burglar's identity and connecting him the the criminal organization. Matta left evidence behind and was killed when he attempted to recover it.

It was later learned that the burglar's daughter was also part of the Apparatus' effort to steal from Diet Smith Industries.