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Bundles Fillagree was a slender woman with dark hair. She was married to the wealthy Phil Fillagree.


Bundles Fillagree was having an affair with her attorney J.R. Slick. She murdered her husband Phil by spiking his root beer with a horse tranquilizer that caused him to drown.

Dick Tracy began to investigate the crime. Because of the high social standing of the people involved, Chief Patton brought in an abrasive detective named Frisk to lead the investigation.

A mole within the department was interfering with the investigation and created the appearance that some of the evidence had been contaminated by Tracy. Tracy was restricted to desk duty as a result.

Tracy uncovered proof that a lab technician named Ed Dudd was responsible for the sabotage. Dudd turned on his bosses, Fillagree and Slick, revealing that Slick had hired him to tamper with the evidence against Fillagree. When Tracy arrested Slick, the lawyer refused to cooperate, but he soon realized that Fillagree had abandoned him.

Using Slick's testimony, Tracy and Lizz obtained a warrant and went to arrest Fillagree. When she tried to escape on horseback, she fell off and landed on a syringe filled with the same chemical she had used to kill her husband. The dose proved not to be fatal, but left her in a seemingly permanent vegetative state.