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"Bulldog" Kerson (first name unknown) was a career criminal described by Dick Tracy as "the parole board's pet for years". He had light, wavy hair and pronounced lips.

Kerson's sole meeting with Dick Tracy was brief and fatal. He was hired to assassinate Tracy by Matty Square in the summer of 1965. Kerson's attempt ended with Kerson himself being shot by Dick Tracy. Kerson died in a hospital shortly thereafter.

Kerson's deathbed confession implicated Square, who soon sought the protection of the crimelord Mr. Bribery.


  • Kerson was identified by a police officer as one of Matty Square's men, but it was not explicitly stated that he was a member of the Li'l Dropout Club. It is therefore unclear if the members of that club were associates of Kerson.
  • When Kerson was shot by Dick Tracy, he seemed to have a dark moustache. This moustache was not present in his later depictions. It is possible that his moustache was shaved by hospital staff to facilitate the use of an oxygen tube.