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The criminal called Bulky was a large man with dark hair. He had a long thin moustache.

Bulky was a friend of a woman named "Bunny", who sold Vera Alldid jokes for his comic strip. Bulky approached Alldid at his studio, demanding that Alldid buy all of Bunny's jokes, regardless of their quality. Bulky threatened violence, and Vera struck Bulky in the head with a heavy ash stand.

Bulky's friend arrived at Alldid's studio and found Bulky unconscious. He held Alldid at gunpoint and carried Bulky on his shoulder's to a taxi, which they took to Bulky's apartment. When Bulky revived, they discovered that Alldid's assault had caused Bulky to suffer memory loss. During his time holding Vera as his prisoner, Bulky would repeatedly forget his own identity and that he and Alldid had already met.

Alldid was rescued by Dick Tracy and Bulky was killed in a shootout with the police.