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Bud Jenkins was a ten-year-old boy living with his mother (who worked nights in a defense plant). His father had passed away some time earlier. Bud lived at 20 Ernnie Ave.

Character Biography[]

One day, Bud tried to pick the pocket of the fugitive Flattop as they waited on a subway platform. Flattop detected the attempted theft, but saw the potential usefulness of the young thief. Flattop rewarded Bud with $100 in exchange for a safe haven. Jenkins took Flattop to stay at his home.

Jenkins eventually realized who Flattop was and began blackmailing him. Jenkins took Flattop's money and bought things such as cigars, pocketknives and a new coat. He also placed bets on horses, and later decided to buy a pair of expensive ice skates. The police heard reports of a juvenile who was spending large denomination bills and attempted to find him (believing he may have some connection to the fugitive Flattop).

While trying out his new skates on the frozen lagoon in the city park, Bud fell through a hole in the ice and drowned. Given the expensive nature of the skates, for which Bud had the sales slip for in his pocket, Dick Tracy found that they were registered at the store in his name and address. With that information, Tracy's investigation of the accident led him to the Jenkins home and the trail of Flattop. Flattop escaped, but ultimately drowned in the same lagoon as Bud.



  • As a street-smart youth, Bud Jenkins served as a sort of criminal counterpart to Junior Tracy (who did not appear in most of the Flattop storyline).
  • In the world of the Midnite Mirror, Bud Jenkins was an assistant of The Chalice, and he acted as a go-between for The Chalice and the police.