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Bronko (aka "Bronk") was a teenager that Junior Tracy knew. Bronko had light hair that was wavy on top.

Shortly after the foundation of the Crimestoppers Club, Junior and his friends discovered Bronko engaging in acts of petty theft. They chased Bronko and rescued him after he drove his car into a river. Bronko resolved to change his ways and joined the club.

Later, Bronko was abducted and tortured along with Junior by Coffyhead, who wanted to dissolve or discredit the Crimestoppers Club. Junior and Bronko were rescued by Dick Tracy and the police.

Years later, it was revealed that Bronko had joined the FBI. Using the codename "Stuntman Mike", he infiltrated Coffyhead's drug smuggling operation. He was reunited with Dick Tracy when Coffyhead was arrested.

Appearances in Other Media[]

1990 Movie Continuity[]

Bronko does not appear in the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film. He is a minor character in the follow-up novel Dick Tracy Goes to War by Max Allan Collins.

In the novel, Bronko (referred to as "Bronk") was an older friend of Junior. His backstory was similar to his depiction in the comic strip, in that he was a former juvenile delinquent who reformed due to the influence of Junior and Dick Tracy. Bronk was seventeen years old and had enlisted to serve in the military in World War II. This information made Junior more conscious of the consequences of war.


Bronko as an adult


  • There is no established connection between Bronko and the Bronko family.