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Brock Archival was a wealthy collector of newspaper comic strip memorabilia. He lived in Dick Tracy's city. He had thick brown hair, a moustache, and wore eyeglasses.

When Vera Alldid added the character called "Mars Maid" to his comic strip "J. Straightedge Trustworthy", Archival became fixated on the character. He invited Alldid and Mysta Chimera (the inspiration for Mars Maid) to visit him at his home. Once there, Archival held the two captive, refusing to let them leave. He had acquired Mr. Bribery's special ring that enabled him to neutralize Mysta's shock powers, and he deprived her of exposure to sunlight, weakening her.

Archival falsified communications with Alldid's staff and planted a news story that Alldid and Mysta had eloped. Mysta's family and associates were not convinced and began to investigate. Dick Tracy learned about Alldid and Mysta's invitation to Archival's property, and he and the police went there to investigate.

Archival had been preparing to leave for his private island with with Alldid and Mysta when Tracy and the police arrived. Believing that his captives were well-hidden, Archival showed Tracy around his home. Mysta was able to send a desperate telepathic communication to Honeymoon Tracy, who relayed the message to Dick Tracy that Mysta was Archival's prisoner.

Mysta and Alldid were found, and Archival and his staff were arrested. Mysta assaulted Archival while he was in police custody, and Archival loudly objected to the way he was treated. Archival's ring was placed in the possession of Diet Smith.


  • Brock Archival's hair was colored brown in Sunday strips, which are colored by the official creative team. On the gocomics website, it was colored much darker in daily strips (which are colored by a third party).
  • Archival claimed to be a major donor to Mayor Armstrong.
  • Archival was shown to have a large staff at his home, including drivers, a butler, and at least one personal assistant. Some of them were shown to be aware of Archival's illegal activities, but it not clear how many or to what extent.
  • Archival's ring being given to Diet Smith would seem to be a violation of his rights, as there was no evidence that the ring was obtained illegally. If the ring was seized through civil forfeiture, it should have remained in the possession of the police.
  • Similarly, Mysta's assault of Archival was also a violation of his rights, and he could have pressed charges against her. It is possible that Mysta could claim that she was acting in self defense, as Archival's ring could have posed a threat to her safety and Archival had not been hand-cuffed at the time.