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Brilliant Smith was the aptly-named inventor and son of Diet Smith. He had light hair and typically wore dark glasses.

Brilliant's mother Irma had divorced Diet Smith after Brilliant was conceived but before he was born. She soon remarried, and Brilliant believed that his step-father Herman was his real father, not knowing his true parentage.

Inventor and Crimestopper[]

Brilliant was the inventor the Two-Way Wrist Radio, and was later blinded when developing the Atom Light. His mother and step-father died as part of a failed revenge attempt against Smith. Brilliant was briefly enraged by their deaths and sought revenge himself. He went to the hospital where Diet Smith was recuperating and fired a pistol at the bed where he thought Smith was resting. Unbeknownst to Brilliant, he had been guided to a room with an empty bed in it, and Smith was safe. Brilliant realized his folly, and Smith forgave him. Smith who then hired Brilliant, who continued to develop and refine new inventions.

Brilliant later invented the Closed Circuit Teleguard Camera, but this made him a target of Big Frost. Frost killed Brilliant, which led to the resignation of Chief Brandon. It was only after Brilliant's death that Diet Smith revealed to Dick Tracy that he had been once married to Irma and that Brilliant was his biological son.

Appearances in Other Media[]

IDW Comics[]

Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive[]


A version of Brilliant appeared in the IDW comic book mini-series Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive. In the comic, Brilliant was a mysterious figure who aided Tracy by warning him of impending danger. He also assisted Tracy by coordinating the actions of Tracy's allies while Tracy was a fugitive.

Dick Tracy: Forever[]

A version of Brilliant Smith also appeared in the fourth issue of the comic book miniseries Dick Tracy: Forever. In a story set in the future, Brilliant was a brain and eyeballs that floated in a transparent sphere attached to a mobile body.