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The man known as "Bricks" Walker was a private detective in Dick Tracy's city some time after the end of World War II. He was an African-American with a bald head, short dark hair on the back and sides and a beard. He typically wore a purple overcoat and matching hat. The nickname "Bricks" was inspired by Walker's large, durable hands.

Bricks was hired by the United States Congressional Representative for Dick Tracy's district. The congressman disliked Tracy (presumably because Tracy was incorruptible) and hoped that Bricks could find some evidence to discredit Tracy or possibly blackmail him.

Walker observed Tracy interacting with a known criminal figure and he continued to monitor Tracy's activities. When Tracy was captured by Nazi agents, Walker freed him. The two men were able to stop the villains' plan to unleash poison gas on American cities.

Upon the resolution of the case, Tracy urged Walker to join the police force. Walker refused, stating that he preferred the less restrained work of the private detective.

Some time later, Walker was shown to be aiding Tracy and the police in their efforts to stop the illegal trafficking of gene editing kits (GEKs).

Walker later appeared in the far future, seemingly working for one of the billionaires who had paid to have their consciousnesses uploaded into a computer program.


  • Bricks Walker was an original character created for IDW Comics' miniseries Dick Tracy: Forever. He has not appeared in the newspaper comic strip.
  • Bricks Walker had a wristwatch with a built-in camera. At the time of their encounter, Tracy was using a 2-Way Wrist Radio, which did not yet have a visual feature.