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Briar rose

Briar Rose was a member of the second Ace of Spades' organization. She had red hair, green eyes, and freckles.

Briar Rose posed as a journalist in an attempt to gather information about Diet Smith's newly-invented Time Drone. She interviewed Dick Tracy, then interviewed Smith at his facility. Her visit to Diet Smith industries corresponded with the explosion caused by Sterling Eliot's mishandling of the Time Drone.

Dick Tracy had discovered that Briar Rose's credentials had been falsified, and he suspected that she may have been involved in causing the explosion. Briar Rose was able to escape from Diet Smith Industries in the confusion, and she sought refuge with Ace of Spades.

Ace of Spades insisted that Briar Rose remain in hiding, since she was being sought by police. Briar Rose became restless and demanded to be allowed to resume her normal activities. Ace of Spades decided that Rose had become a liability, and he arranged for Jack of Spades to kill her when she moved to a new safe house.

The assassination attempt was thwarted by Sam Catchem, who killed Jack of Spades and took Briar Rose into custody. She then provided the police with information that was used to prepare a raid on the Ace of Spades' headquarters.