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The man called Bony was a thief and aspiring punk rock musician who lived in a trailer park in Washington state with his girlfriend Claudine. He was very thin, with long hair, sunken eyes, and self-inflicted scars on his arms.

Bony's Robberies[]

Bony had an inflated sense of his own talent and was unable to secure a record contract. In order to pay for recording studio time, he resorted to armed robbery. He held up grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations, going so far as to shoot a clerk at one point. When he robbed a pawn shop, he took an original Les Paul guitar in addition to the money from the cash register. This gave the authorities their first clue that the robber was a musician. The main investigator on the case was Joe Sampson, a friend of Bonnie Tracy. Her father Dick Tracy was in Washington for a visit, and he aided Joe in his efforts despite the fact that Dick was out of his jurisdiction.

Bony learned that the police were closing in on him, so he and Claudine fled their trailer park home. They abandoned their van (with much of their recording equipment in it) and stole the car of a service station attendant. They decided to flee to Canada by cutting through the Yakima Indian Reservation.

Encountering the Tracys[]


Bony and Claudine avoided checkpoints at the entrance of the reservation by taking a dirt road. The car they had stolen broke down and they were stranded. They happened upon the off-road vehicle containing Vitamin Flintheart and Tess Tracy, who was eight months pregnant with her second child.

Bony held Vitamin at gunpoint and demanded that the older man drive them to safety. Vitamin was able to wrest the gun from Bony, but he was unable to take them to the police because Tess was going into labor. As Claudine aided Tess, Bony (who had been tied up) planned to hit Vitamin with a rock and try to escape. Vitamin subdued the criminal, who was arrested when authorities arrived on the scene.