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Bolo was the manager of Imma, singing star of the musical group The Gallstones. Bolo was a part of Big Charley's gang, and he secretly produced counterfeit copies of the recordings of the singers he managed, which he sold for his own personal gain.

Bolo was a short man (barely five feet tall) with short dark hair that he wore in a ponytail. He often smoked cigars, which he would wave around while speaking. He was a bold man with an aggressive personality.

Bolo's Scheme[]

Bolo's most successful act was the singing trio called The Gallstones, which consisted of two brothers and their sister Imma. When Sam Catchem arrested the teenage thief called Cupie (another member of Big Charley's gang), he found a load of counterfeit Gallstones record albums in the trunk of Cupie's car.

The Gallstones told the police that they entrusted all of their business matters to Bolo, which piqued Dick Tracy's interest in him. Tracy thought it was implausible that Bolo was unaware of the counterfeit records scheme and he began to investigate Bolo. Tracy discovered Bolo and Imma were secretly engaged to be married, and he attempted to convince Imma that Bolo was not trustworthy. Hoping to prove Tracy wrong, Imma secretly followed Bolo one day. She discovered the gang's factory hideout and observed Bolo seducing an aspiring singer that he was auditioning.

Bolo was summoned to police headquarters where he was confronted by Tracy and the Gallstones, who threatened him with legal action. Under intense questioning, Bolo revealed Big Charley's name and address. Big Charley was arrested at the factory without incident, and the weapon he had used to kill Cupie was recovered. A ballistics indicated that the gun had been used in two previous murders as well, meaning that Big Charley and Bolo would both face multiple criminal charges.


  • "Bolo" is also the name of a certain type of stringed necktie, though the character Bolo favored bowties.