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The man known as Bogart the Roach was a criminal informant in Dick Tracy's city. He was a short, slender man with patchy brown facial hair. He typically wore dark eyeglasses and smoked cigarettes.

Aiding Dick Tracy[]

Bogart was known to be a man with access to a variety of information about the criminal underworld. Dick Tracy considered Bogart to be a reliable informant, and he sought information from Bogart during his first investigation of Blackjack, as well as during the cases of Specs and Briar Rose.


  • Among recreational marijuana users, "roach" is the term for the end of a marijuana cigarette that is too short to be smoked effectively. To "bogart the roach" means to claim this remaining portion, rather than sharing it or making it available to be rolled into a new cigarette.
  • A character named Bogart the Roach appeared in an episode of the animated TV comedy The Critic in 1994. The character (a cockroach) was part of a parody of the Disney animated feature Pinocchio and was a pastiche of Jiminy Cricket.