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Blossom Plenty (nee McCoy) was the wife of Morin Plenty. She had blonde hair and light eyes. Blossom spoke very little, mostly responding to questions with the affirmative statement "Check".

Blossom was a vegetarian. She subsisted almost entirely on bread, peanut butter, and syrup. She also had the habit of going barefoot except where absolutely prohibited.

The Shoe Heel Entrepreneur[]

Blossom joined her husband when Morin came to Dick Tracy's city to promote his new type of shoe heel. She and Morin went to visit Morin's son B.O. Plenty at Sunny Dell Acres, though the couple did not stay long. Blossom then accompanied Morin as he started his cross-country walking trip as advertising for his shoe heels.

When the Clipso Brothers attempted to cheat Morin by selling him a (supposedly) automated machine that could replace a man's worn-out shoe heels while the customer waited, Blossom detected the men's deception by smelling the cigar smoke of the small man inside. She alerted Morin, who contacted Dick Tracy and the two men exposed the fraud. When the brothers attempted to flee, they accidentally tipped the machine over onto Blossom, who was crushed. She suffered serious injuries and died shortly thereafter.

Grief stricken, Morin sought out Blossom's only living relative, her twin sister Carduey.


  • It was established in the strip that Blossom was not the mother of Morin's children. It is unclear how many previous wives Morin had had.