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Blake was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He was bald on the top of his head, with dark hair on the back and sides. He wore round eyeglasses.

Aiding Bookie Joe[]

Blake was the trusted compatriot of Bookie Joe. After Joe was shot by the desperate bank teller Mark Masters, Joe instructed Blake to kill Mark. Blake concealed a small stick of TNT in a roll of coins, which was rigged to explode when Mark opened it. Blake was seen fleeing the scene of the explosion.

Blake helped Joe escape from the hospital before Tracy could arrive and question Joe. While Joe recovered in hiding, Tracy began dismantling Joe's gambling operations. In retaliation, Joe sent Blake and his other henchman to kidnap Tess Trueheart. The abduction was successful, and Blake hid Tess at a secluded horse stable. Joe came to join them shortly thereafter.

The police learned of Joe and Blake's whereabouts, and they arranged for Toby Townley (who had taken the wounded Joe to the hospital) to negotiate Tess' release. Toby confronted Joe and Blake, and Joe accidentally set the stable on fire. Blake, Toby and Tess all escaped, but Joe was killed in the fire.

At police headquarters, Blake shot an killed Officer Donovan with a single-shot pen gun that he kept hidden in his shoe. Blake framed Toby for the murder. Toby was sent to prison while Blake awaited trial for lesser charges. Dick Tracy discovered the hidden compartment in Blake's shoe, and subjected Blake to a lie detector test. Blake broke down under questioning and confessed to the murder.


  • Bookie Joe had another henchman who aided in his escape from the hospital and helped Blake abduct Tess. This man consistently wore a checked coat and flat cap, but he was never named. This other accomplice was not present when Toby came to free Tess, and his fate is unknown.
  • It is unclear if Blake was held responsible for the murder of Mark Masters. It was not established if the police knew about his skill with explosives. Blake's confessing to the murder of Officer Donovan (and framing Toby) would almost certainly result in a very harsh sentence.