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The adventurer known as The Black Piranha was a woman named Stephanie. She was a dedicated cosplayer and thrill-seeker. Black Piranha and her lover The Cinnamon Knight would dress up in elaborate costumes and stage public fights throughout Dick Tracy's city, creating the appearance that she was a criminal and that Cinnamon Knight was a heroic vigilante.

Black Piranha was a shapely, athletic woman whose costume consisted of a skintight black suit with a utility belt. She wore a mask with a large mouth printed on it and brown/orange ponytail. In her civilian identity, she had short pink hair.

Broadway Bates' Plan[]

Black Piranha and Cinnamon Knight began their public escapades around the same time that Broadway Bates and Belle returned to the city. The presence of costumed adventurers annoyed Bates, and he and Belle planned a scheme to eliminate the duo.

Belle tracked down Black Piranha and introduced herself as a costumed villainess called "Willa Scarlett". She recruited Black Piranha into a scheme to rob an armored car. Black Piranha agreed, believing that this would give her and Cinnamon Knight the opportunity to stop a serious crime.


At the scene of the robbery, Bates and his men arrived and shop at Belle and Black Piranha. Black Piranha as able to escape unharmed, and Cinnamon Knight confronted Bates' gang. Dick Tracy and the police soon arrived, and Tracy allowed Black Piranha and Cinnamon Knight to leave the scene without incident.

Black Piranha had occasional interactions with Tracy after that. It was implied that she maintained connections to the criminal underworld that she could use to gather information. Around the time that David gave up the Cinnamon Knight persona to enter the police academy, Stephanie was expecting their first child. It was not explicitly stated at the time if she would continue adventuring as the Black Piranha.