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Binnie Viller was the daughter of Stooge Viller. At the time she met Dick Tracy, she was a young girl, approximately the same age as Junior. She had light-colored hair that she wore in long curls.

Re-United with her Father[]

Binnie's mother had died some years previously, and Binnie lived with her grandmother. They got along very well and were very affectionate towards each other.

Binnie was ashamed of her father's criminal lifestyle and did not want to be associated with him. When Stooge was released from prison, he became determined to re-enter her life, despite her objections. Binnie even threatened to try to kill herself if her father even sent for her.

Binnie was a lively, spirited girl. She was a member of Tess Trueheart's scout troop, and was one of the girls who found Dick Tracy after he escaped from the abandoned well in which Stooge had left him stranded. Binnie briefly became part of Tracy's social circle, spending time with the detective as well as Tess and Junior. Tracy knew who Binnie's father was, but agreed to go along with her story that her father was traveling abroad rather than embarrass the girl.


Stooge became obsessed with re-entering Binnie's life, and was willing to shoot and kill members of his own gang rather than risk her getting hurt during an attempt on Tracy's life. After being cast out by his criminal associates, Stooge descended into desperation. He kidnapped Binnie and took her to his apartment. Tracy tracked down Stooge and Binnie, and the two men struggled.

Binnie picked up Stooge's gun and threatened to shoot him unless he let go of Tracy. Ultimately, Binnie was unable to pull the trigger and shoot her own father. During his struggle with Tracy, Stooge's foot kicked the gun in Binnie's hand and it went off. Stooge was shot and Binnie was horrified.

Stooge made an attempt to escape, but had been weakened by the gunshot wound. He was taken into custody by Tracy, and died in the hospital shortly thereafter. Before dying, Stooge asked Tracy to tell Binnie that he had been returned to jail, rather than let his daughter believe that she had killed him. Tracy agreed, and Binnie was returned to the custody of her grandmother.


  • Binnie gave her last name as Viller, but it was never explicitly stated that her mother and father were ever married. Additionally, it is not known if the grandmother who raised her was her mother's mother or Stooge's mother. However, since Binnie's grandmother expressed no maternal feelings about Stooge, it is reasonable to assume that she was Binnie's maternal grandmother.