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Binnie Fencer was he wife of Onyx Fencer. She was a shapely woman with light eyes and dark hair that she wore with thin bangs. Mrs. Fencer enjoyed the upper-class lifestyle that her husband's criminal activities provided.

When Onyx Fencer was arrested for trafficking in stolen goods, Dick Tracy and the police began to search his basement. They believed that the rest of Fencer's home was unoccupied. During the search, Binnie Fencer arrived home from a trip and confronted the police in the basement. She claimed to have no knowledge of Onyx's criminal acts.

The police began to search the rest of the house and found rooms full of stolen goods. The police prepared to arrest Mrs. Fencer as an accessory, but she stole Lizz's handcuffs and handcuffed herself to a pipe. The police learned that a tornado was about to strike the area, and they unlocked the handcuffs. Mrs. Fencer refused to evacuate the home, and the police left her so they could seek shelter.

The tornado destroyed the Fencers' home and scattered the evidence. Binnie was killed and her body was found some distance away. Her husband became despondent over the loss of his wife and property, and later took his own life.


  • MrsFencerDead
    Binnie claimed to have no knowledge of her husband's criminal activities, but this is unlikely given how much stolen merchandise was in their home, and her preparedness to shoot police officers rather than be arrested.
  • It is not clear if Mrs. Fencer ever had any direct interaction with any of her husband's criminal associates.