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The woman known as "Big Margie" was a convention organizer and criminal in Dick Tracy's city. Her nickname was ironic, since was relatively small in stature. She had curly light-brown hair.

Margie conceived of a scheme, and she recruited her two cousins Middle Margie and Little Margie, who were also her business partners in running a costume shop. They organized a cosplay convention that would include a contest hosted by Svengoolie with a $10,000 cash grand prize, $3,000 of which they would provide themselves as "sponsors". Big Margie's plan was to arrange for the theft of the prize, then file an insurance claim for the $3,000 as well.

The plan proceeded as Big Margie expected, and she decided to celebrate by engaging in vandalism at a nearby Jewish cemetery, with Little Margie reluctantly joining her. The cemetery's security cameras captured dimly-lit images of the vandals, which Dick Tracy recognized by their uncommon stature (having recently met the Margies at the convention).

Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem investigated the Margies and followed Big Margie and Middle Margie as they attempted to destroy evidence linking them to the robbery. Big Margie and Middle Margie were arrested, though Middle Margie attempted to absolve Little Margie of culpability. It was implied that Big Margie would face prosecution under Federal Hate Crimes statues for her actions at the cemetery.