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Big Little Books are a series of books in which pictures and text are alternated, with the text usually on the left and the pictures usually on the right. The series was first published by Dell, then by Whitman.

Dick Tracy is one of several characters from popular culture to be featured in these books. Others include Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Tom Mix, Blondie, Popeye, and Little Orphan Annie. Some titles featured original characters, while others featured fictionalized versions of real people, including Roy Rogers and Gene Autry.

The Big Little Books featuring Dick Tracy were mostly text adaptations of the storylines from the comic strip. Some of them were adaptations of the radio show or film serials. The final Dick Tracy Big Little Book (Dick Tracy Encounters Facey) was an original story written by Paul S. Newman.

Known Titles, By Publication Date[]

The Adventures of Dick Tracy (1932) - Features Tracy's early encounters with Big Boy.

Dick Tracy and Dick Tracy Junior (1933)

Dick Tracy Out West (1933) - Features Steve the Tramp and Hank Steele.

Dick Tracy from Colorado to Nova Scotia (1933) - Features Steve the Tramp, Hank Steele, and Stooge Viller.

Dick Tracy and the Stolen Bonds (1934) - Features the story of Confidence Dolan and Spaldoni.

Dick Tracy Solves the Penfield Mystery (1934)

Dick Tracy on the Trail of Larceny Lu (1935)

Dick Tracy and the Boris Arson Gang (1935)

Dick Tracy and the Racketeer Gang (1936) - Features Cut Famon and his family.

Dick Tracy in Chains of Crime (1936) - Features the story of Toby Townley and Blake.

Dick Tracy and the Hotel Murders (1937) - Features the mystery of the murder of Addie Gothorn and the introduction of Lips Manlis.

Dick Tracy and the Spider Gang (1937) - Adaptation of the first Dick Tracy film serial.

Dick Tracy and the Man with No Face (1938)

Dick Tracy on the High Seas (1939) - Features the story of Stud Bronzen and his human trafficking ring.

Dick Tracy Returns (1939) - Adaptation of the film serial of the same name.

Dick Tracy, The Super Detective (1939) - Features the stories of Karpse and Nails Wolley.

Dick Tracy and the Phantom Ship (1940) - Based on a radio show storyline. The artist was Erwin L. Hess.

Dick Tracy and His G-Men (1941) - Adaptation of the film serial of the same name.

Dick Tracy vs. Crooks in Disguise (1941) - Features the story of Whip Chute.

Dick Tracy, Special FBI Operative (1943) - Features more of Tracy's encounters with Cut Famon and his organization.

Dick Tracy on Voodoo Island (1944) - An original story written for the Big Little Book format. The artist was Erwin L. Hess.

Dick Tracy and the Wreath Kidnapping Case (1945)

Dick Tracy and Yogee Yamma (1946)

Dick Tracy and the Mad Killer (1947) - Features the story of Selbert DePool.

Dick Tracy and the Bicycle Gang (1948) - Features the story of Deafy.

Dick Tracy and the Tiger Lilly Gang (1949)

Dick Tracy Encounters Facey (1967)