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Big Charley was a heavyset man with light wavy hair. He was a skilled recording engineer who typically wore a visor cap.

Big Charley made his living by producing counterfeits of popular recording artists' vinyl records and selling them on the black market. He was aided by Bolo, the manager of a singing group known as The Gallstones.

Charley and Bolo's criminal activities came to the attention of Dick Tracy and the police after their teenage delivery boy Cupie was caught in possession of shipment of their pirated record albums. After Cupie was released on bail, he met with Charley and indicated that he might cooperate with the police unless Charley compensated him. Big Charley then shot Cupie to death and dumped the body in the city sewer system. The body was not discovered for some time.

Dick Tracy concentrated his investigation on Bolo, convinced that the manager's ego made him the most likely to make a mistake. Bolo eventually revealed his connection to Big Charley while being interrogated, but he did not mention the murder of Cupie. Big Charley was taken into custody without incident, and the hidden murder weapon was recovered.

Ballistics revealed the gun had been used in two previous murders in addition to Cupie's. Big Charley and Bolo would eventually face several charges.