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The man known as Big Al was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He was a leader of a small gang that committed bank robberies. He had dark eyes and dark wavy hair.

Big Al worked with Baskerville to plan bank robberies. He sent two operatives to commit a robbery based on information that Baskerville provided. Baskerville was later killed during another robbery. It is unclear if Big Al was ever linked to the crimes.


  • Early in his storyline, Big Al was frequently depicted asking for facial tissues. This would tend to indicate that he was suffering from an illness or allergies. This did not play into his schemes or personality otherwise.
  • Big Al's gang included two men referred to as Tweek and Hound. Later, Baskerville robbed a bank in the company of two men named Alex and Michael. Inconsistency in the artwork makes it difficult to tell if these are meant to be the same two men.
  • Baskerville received information from Shirl Locke Holmes about bank security and police operations. It is not clear if Big Al ever had any direct contact or association with Holmes.