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Big Ace was the mastermind of a scam involving the managers of several casinos in Dick Tracy's city. He was bald and had bulging eyes. His nose resembled the spade symbol from playing cards.

Big Ace devised a scheme wherein casino managers rigged slot machines allowing certain individuals to win large amounts of money. These individuals (who were targeted because they were not the type to keep their money in a bank) were then robbed of their winnings.

One-Eyed Jack was one of these casino managers, and B.O. Plenty became his target. This plan backfired because of Dick Tracy’s investigation and Gravel Gertie’s aggressive defense of her home. After Jack was shot dead and his men arrested, Tracy posed as a cash delivery man for Jack and met Big Ace at a different casino.

Big Ace was a proud and extremely competitive gambler, so Tracy challenged him to a game of high card with the stakes being double-or-nothing on B.O. Plenty's money. Big Ace agreed and drew the Ace of Spades. Tracy, using a card that could change its face using “Digital Imaging Thermal Technology” drew the Ace of Hearts and won. Big Ace was irate and tried to shoot the detective but Tracy fired first, wounding him in the stomach. Big Ace was then arrested on charges of extortion, robbery and attempted murder.


  • Big Ace enjoyed quoting the baseball player Yogi Berra.
  • There is no known connection between Big Ace and other playing card-themed characters such as the Queen of Diamonds or the 52 Gang. However, a silhouetted figure who might be Big Ace has been seen as a member of The Apparatus. The men have similar builds, both smoke cigars, and have a penchant for gambling and using playing card-related phrases.