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Biff Baxter attended high school with Dick Tracy. He was a tall man with dark hair. His father was the Mayor of Baxterville, the town in which they lived.

Dick Tracy's high school girlfriend Betsy Deare broke up with him because he did not share her desire to get married right away after finishing high school. Betsy began dating Biff Baxter during their Senior year, and the two were wed shortly after graduation.

After some time, Biff began to drink heavily. He had difficulty holding a job and he and Betsy divorced. Betsy married Biff's father, the Mayor. She later died unexpectedly.

Biff was troubled by Betsy's untimely death. When Dick Tracy arrived at their high school reunion, Baxter confronted him and tried to fight him. Tracy was able to subdue him. Tracy later visited Betsy's grave, where Biff confronted him again. After a brief scuffle, the two men reconciled, and Biff left Tracy to drink in a bar.

Tracy began to investigate the mysterious deaths of Mayor Baxter's wives, and he suspected that the Mayor was responsible. Tracy set up a trap to catch the Mayor in the act of murdering his latest wife, but Biff interrupted and confronted the killer. Biff and Tracy were surprised to discover that the murder was the Mayor's first wife Gloria (Biff's mother). She was taken into custody and appeared to be mentally unstable.


  • Biff Baxter's mother was identified as having been named Gloria, and his first step-mother was identified as having been named Helen. Mayor Baxter (Biff's father) was later stated to have been married four times, and the names of his wives listed at that time did not include Gloria or Helen. This is apparently a continuity error, and calls into question the full list of Biff's known relatives.
    • At the conclusion of the Baxterville storyline, Sally Sloan Baxter states her intention to divorce Mayor Baxter, so she may no longer be Biff's step-mother.
  • It is unclear if Biff knew that his mother was alive. He apparently did not know that she was responsible for killing the Mayor's other wives.
  • During the course of his investigation, Dick Tracy discovered that Biff's parents were not married until five years after Biff was born. It was not stated which of his parents he lived with during that time.
  • During the first No Face storyline, that villain kidnapped a wealthy socialite in Dick Tracy's city that was named Biff Baxter III. It is not clear if there is a familial connection between the Biff Baxters.
  • Biff Baxter was the name of fictional hero of World War II in Woody Allen's 1987 film Radio Days. The radio exploits of Biff Baxter (played by Jeff Daniels) were very popular.

The graves of Biff Baxter's mother and first step-mother