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The man known as Benny the Grip (full name unrevealed) was an accomplice of Oodles. He was bald on the top of his head, but had dark hair on the sides. He had a moustache and light eyes.

Benny was known to police in several states.

The George Vulcan Remains[]

Along with the rest of Oodles' gang, Benny followed the mystery of George Vulcan's discovered remains by reading the local newspapers. While the mystery unfolded, Oodles sent Benny on a job in Florida where Benny stole a car and robbed a bank messenger. He was arrested by Dick Tracy upon his return to the city.

While in jail, Benny was tricked into giving away Oodles' nickname, which ultimately led the police to Oodles' hideout in the woods.


  • BennyJail
    While in jail, Benny referred to having an "old lady" that he hadn't seen in 2 years. It was not made clear if this woman was Benny's mother, wife, or girlfriend.
  • Upon being taken into police custody, Benny repeatedly answered "Book me or release me" when asked about his activities and associates. However, he does not seem to have availed himself of legal counsel.
  • It was implied that oodles and his gang (consisting of Benny, Bix, and Nipper) had been together for some time, going back to the murder of George Vulcan, if not earlier. Benny's role in the gang was not clearly defined, but it is not unreasonable to assume that he had engaged in murder-for-hire at some point (or at the very least as an accessory), thus qualifying him in the category of Hired Killers.