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Baskerville was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He led a small gang that committed bank robberies and sometimes used trained hounds in his crimes. He had long white hair and a lined face.

Baskerville was aided by Shirl Locke Holmes, who had infiltrated the police department by posing as a detective. She relayed information about bank security and police activity to Baskerville.

Baskerville was killed during an attempted bank robbery when his dogs turned on him and mauled him to death.


  • At the beginning of Baskerville's storyline, he was shown to be in communication with a local criminal called Big Al. Al had an associate that he spoke to in person, but it was not made clear if this person was Baskerville at any of their meetings. The first confirmed appearance of Baskerville is on May 29th, 2008.
  • Baskerville's gang included two men referred to as Tweek and Hound. Later, he robbed a bank in the company of two men named Alex and Michael. Inconsistency in the artwork makes it difficult to tell if these are meant to be the same two men.
    • Additionally, Dick Tracy and a police officer took the dog whistles from Baskerville's two associates (Alex and Michael) at the Goodman Bank. When Baskerville was deprived of his whistle, he was attacked and killed by his dogs. Alex and Michael were not shown being attacked, so it is unclear if they are deceased or not.