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Bart "Blade" Bush was an accomplice of Flattop. He was killed in a shootout with police.


The name "Bart Bush" is taken from a well-known fan of the Dick Tracy comic strip. He owned a substantial collection of memorabilia from the strip and started the Dick Tracy Fan Club Facebook page. The character was presumably intended as a tribute to Mr. Bush from the creative team at the time.

In addition to being a Dick Tracy fan, Mr. Bush was the first comic shop owner in the state of Oklahoma. He was born in 1951 as James Bart Bush. He passed away in September of 2020.


  • Bart "Blade" Bush first appeared in a Rogues' Gallery feature. It is essentially a retcon, inserting the character into the existing narrative of Flattop.
  • While Bart was stated to have been an accomplice of Flattop, it was not stated in when or in what capacity or if he knew any of Flattop's other associates. Similarly, it is not known when Bart "Blade" Bush was killed, or if his death was related to his association with Flattop.
  • Another character named Bart Bush appeared later in the strip.
  • The name "Bart Bush" was also applied to one of the journalists in the novelization of the 1990 Dick Tracy feature film.