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Barry Moore had been a rival of the actor Harley Niav. Moore was a light-haired man with prominent lips.

Barry Moore had been Harley Niav's understudy in a high-profile stage production, and he arranged the automobile "accident" in which resulted in Niav being presumed killed. Moore then took Niav's place and gained great success as an actor.

Unbeknownst to Moore, Niav survived the accident but was disfigured. Niav was the subject of an experimental operation that left his features malleable. He took on the alias "Putty Puss" and sought revenge.

Putty Puss confronted Barry Moore at his home. He told Moore the circumstances of his recent history, then killed him. Putty Puss replaced Moore in a stage production of the play Sleuth, co-starring Vitamin Flintheart. Putty Puss' features began to "melt" during a performance, which led to his being discovered by Dick Tracy.


  • The name "Barry Moore" is apparently a play on the surname "Barrymore". The Barrymores are a well-known multi-generational family of actors.