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Barney Google

First Appearance:

June 17th, 1919 (in his own strip)
October 19th, 2014 (in Dick Tracy)

Known Associates:

Snuffy Smith

Created By:

Billy DeBeck

Barney Google was a small man with large eyes and a moustache.

Barney was familiar with the rural area known as Hootin' Holler, and and provided Dick Tracy with transportation (his horse Spark Plug) when Tracy visited the remote locale.

Barney and Spark Plug's names were later seen listed at the off-track horse race betting site operated by Jimmy Choo Shooz.


  • Barney Google was the main character in a long-running comic strip. Initially known as Take Barney Google, F'rinstance, the strip was later renamed Barney Google and Snuffy Smith. Snuffy Smith became more popular than Google, and Google was written out of the strip, though he made occasional guest appearances.
  • Barney Google was a sportsman and gambler. He owned a racehorse named Spark Plug, though the word balloon in Dick Tracy represented the horse's name as one word.
  • Google appeared in a Sunday Dick Tracy strip as part of a crossover in 2014. Tracy appeared in Barney Google and Snuffy Smith on the subsequent Monday and Tuesday, drawn by that strip's artist.