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Barney Boyle was a member of Cut Famon's gang. He had short dark hair, small eyes and a prominent nose.

After Cut Famon fled Homeville, he and his surviving associates sought shelter in the city with Barney Boyle. Barney was pleased to see the mobsters and went out to get provisions for them.

Barney was captured by Dick Tracy and FBI Agent Jim Trailer. Tracy then disguised himself and posed as Boyle, which enabled him to infiltrate Famon's gang and learn of their plan to rob a factory. Barney apparently remained in Jim Trailer's custody to face unspecified criminal charges.


  • Boyle's facial features were apparently inspired by those of character actor Tom Mitchell.
  • It is unclear if Barney had had any association with the members of Cut Famon's family or gang with whom Cut had worked in Homeville.