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Barnabas Tar was a serial killer. He had thick dark hair and eyebrows. He typically wore eyeglasses. He had a career as a newspaper sports writer, and was known for his inflammatory writing style.

Tar's victims of choice were all schoolteachers. He began his killing spree in Tacoma, Washington, where the local newspapers dubbed the unknown killer "The Teacher's Pet". Police officer Joe Sampson investigated Tar's murders in Tacoma, and Sampson tracked Tar to Dick Tracy's city when Tar relocated.

After Tar committed additional murders, local reporters connected him to the Teacher's Pet killings. Tar (in disguise) confronted reporter Wendy Wichel and told her that he disliked this name and preferred to be called "The Professor".

Tar took notice of schoolteacher Bonnie Tracy when her class claim to tour the newspaper where he worked. He attempted to ingratiate himself to her, and later invited her to have dinner with him. While they were dining, Dick Tracy received information indicating Tar's guilt. Tracy arrived at the restaurant and attempted to take Tar into custody.

Tar fled and Tracy chased him into an alley. Tar was armed and engaged in a brief shootout with Tracy. Tar was shot and killed.


  • While in Dick Tracy's city, Barnabas Tar lived with a slender man named Reggie. They did not have many physical traits in common. Later, Tar's brother Ronnie was identified as a police informant. It is possible that Reggie and Ronnie were meant to be the same person (as Reggie was shown to be aware of Tar's murders) and the name change was a result of an error on the part the creative team, but this cannot be confirmed.
  • While in Dick Tracy's city, Barnabas Tar conducted an interview with Jerry Lawler.