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Bardoll (first name unrevealed) was a member of the criminal organization called The Black Hearts. He was a tall, muscular man with dark hair and very thick eyebrows.

Bardoll was an associate of Dr. S. Tim Sail, and he posed as Sail's bodyguard. Sail had Bardoll join him on a visit to Diet Smith Industries, during with Sail introduced Smith to the new Moon Maid. Sail's plan was that Bardoll would steal a Space Coupe while Smith was distracted.

Bardoll was found by a security guard, whom Bardoll shot. The gunshots attracted the attention of Sam Catchem and Dick Tracy, who struggled with Bardoll on the roof of the facility. Bardoll attempted to kill Tracy with a garotte wire, but Tracy was able to flip Bardoll off the roof. Bardoll fell to his death.


  • BardollDeath
    While Bardoll was known to be a member of the Black Hearts organization, it is not known if he had any direct interaction with some of the other members of the group, such as Venus, Apollo, or Mr. Bribery.
  • Bardoll has the distinction of being the first criminal against which Dick Tracy deliberately used deadly force during the tenure of writer Mike Curtis.