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"Baldy" Stark had been a member of the Purple Cross Gang. He was a slender man with short dark hair that was receding.

Baldy Stark participated in several of the Purple Cross Gang's robberies, disguised as a chauffeur. He eventually decided to leave the gang and reform. Stark left his young daughter Angeline in the care of his sister Nina and started a new life in a different town under and assumed name.

After killing the rest of the gang, Shirtsleeve Kelton (the gang's leader) sought out Baldy Stark, believing that Stark was the only surviving person who could incriminate him. Kelton confronted Stark at gunpoint in Stark's apartment. Stark turned out the lights, and was able to get his own gun, but the room was too dark for either man to aim. Kelton accidentally knocked open the door to the refrigerator - turning on its light - and Baldy was able to shoot and kill him.

Kelton had been followed by Dick Tracy, who arrested Blady Stark for murder. Against his attorney's advice, Stark pleaded guilty to the charge, wanting to spare his sister and his daughter the trauma of lengthy trial. After reviewing the evidence, Tracy interceded on Stark's behalf. Tracy convinced the judge that Stark had killed Kelton in self-defense, and Stark was sentenced to 20 years in prison rather than the death penalty.


  • Stark claimed to have never killed anyone other than Shirtsleeve Kelton. He was shown to have participated in the Purple Cross Gang's robberies, but he was never shown killing anyone, so it is reasonable to conclude that he was not lying.
  • While Johnny Fling was known to be a member of the Purple Cross Gang, it was not established if he knew or interacted with Baldy Stark at any time.
  • It was not established who the mother of Baldy Stark's daughter was, or if they had been married.
  • Several members of the Purple Cross gang were shown wearing their masks before November 25th, 1936, but it cannot be confirmed which (if any) of them were Baldy Stark.
  • Baldy Stark is one of the few criminals in the strip whose trials were shown (see also Steve the Tramp, H. Quentin Smirk & Jana Flug, Chameleon II, and Dr. Beau Tox).
  • In the 1938 film serial Dick Tracy Returns, the primary antagonists are the members of a criminal family with the surname Stark. There is no apparent connection to Baldy Stark.