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Baldwin (full name unrevealed) was a member of Little Face Finny's gang. He had a shaved head.

Baldwin had been involved with the jewel heist that went awry and resulted in driver Micky Stanley crashing a city bus.

The Hospital Murder[]

Baldwin and J.C. Nitials were sent by Little Face to kill their former confederate Micky Stanley in the hospital before Stanley could reveal the gang's identities. Baldwin and Nitials disguised themselves as women and asked to visit Stanley in his room. While Nitials forced the attending nurse out of the room, Baldwin drew a concealed machine gun from under his dress and killed Stanley.

The two men then fled and reported back to Little Face.

Rescuing Little Face[]

When the Little Face gang's operations were disrupted, Baldwin went into hiding with his associate Mussel. When Mussel was contacted by Little Face, Baldwin aided in the attempt to smuggle Little Face out of his hiding place in Charley Yonem's home.

Baldwin and Mussel's activities were observed by Dick Tracy and the police, and they were arrested along with Little Face and Yonem.


  • A later Rogues' Gallery feature indicated that Baldwin had been received the death penalty.
  • The identities of the various members of the Little Face gang are difficult to establish. Baldwin stated first-hand knowledge of the botched jewel heist, and it is possible that he was one of the two men who encountered Joe Ballivan at the wrecked bus, but this cannot be confirmed.