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Autumn Hews was a member of Coffyhead's criminal organization. She was a slender, attractive woman with blonde hair who typically wore eyeglasses.

Working with Coffyhead and Lugi, Hews set out to discredit Junior Tracy's Crimestoppers Club.

At Odds With the Crimestoppers[]

Autumn Hews gained the trust of the Crimestoppers when she staged the theft of her purse. The Crimestoppers recovered it and she treated all of them to ice cream. The Crimestoppers were all charmed by Autumn's friendly manner and the novelty of her name.

Autumn then attempted to frame the Crimestoppers for shoplifting. However, Dick Tracy believed Junior's account of the situation and was able to get the charge dropped.

After Coffyhead and Lugi were arrested, Autumn tried to evade the authorities. She made her way into Coffyhead's workshop and tried to steal the contents of his safe. A police officer on duty caught her and she killed him. Other officers who were nearby heard the altercation and came after her. Autumn grabbed what money she could and jumped into a grease pan in the hideout's lower level.

On the Run[]

Autumn disguised herself in an old jumpsuit, put the cash in a tire and sneaked away. She spent a brief period of time as a fugitive, during which she hid in a doghouse. She was eventually menaced by a pair of dogs when they returned to the house. The dogs' owner saw the dogs attacking something and went to investigate. Autumn forced the woman back into the house, keeping her hostage. Out of spite, Autumn set the dogs' house on fire.

The fire attracted the attention of the police and the fire department. Tracy found the remains of Autumn's eyeglasses in the ashes. Deducing that Autumn must be hiding in the nearby home, Tracy soon had the fugitive woman in custody.


  • The name "Autumn Hews" is a play on the term "Autumn Hues", a reference to the earth-toned color palette, which is heavily red, orange, yellow, and brown.
  • A later Rogues' Gallery feature indicated that Autumn Hews received a five-year sentence, which would seem to be inappropriately light considering that she killed a police officer.
  • There was no apparent romantic connection between Autumn and Coffyhead, so she would not qualify as a Moll.
  • There was no indication that Autumn Hews was an associate of Coffyhead's other accomplices.