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Soso was the twin sister of Burpie Upp. They resembled each other very closely, both having light hair and a lined face.

After her sister's death, Soso arrived in Dick Tracy's city to seek revenge on Fresh Upp Plenty and (by extension) Little Boy Beard.

Soso's initial plan involved placing a cigarette lighter in Little Boy Beard's crib, planning that the child should start a fire and injure or kill himself. To achieve this, Soso disguised herself and rented a room in the hotel where Fresh and her son were staying. Soso invited a hotel maid into her room, then gave her some coffee that had been drugged. Soso undressed the maid and used her uniform to gain access to Fresh's room.

Unbeknownst to Soso, the dosed coffee killed the maid and the body was soon discovered. Soso announced herself to Fresh, claiming to have only just arrived from Europe. She invited Fresh and Little Boy Beard to stay at her palatial estate and Fresh reluctantly agreed.

Soso summoned her chauffeur Tarter Soss, and the group set out in a heavy snowfall. Soss drove Soso's car out onto a frozen lake, then stopped, claiming that one the tires had gone flat. Soso and Soss exited the vehicle, then broke the ice around it, sending the car floating off into the lake. Their intention was that Fresh and Little Boy Beard would either freeze to death or drown.

Soso and Soss then flew a light airplane (that they had concealed nearby) to Soso's estate. There, they were met by Dick Tracy, who had discovered their plans. Soso was taken into custody, but Soss was killed while resisting arrest. Fresh and her son were rescued shortly thereafter.

While in custody, Soso confessed to the murder attempt against Fresh, and begged to be sent to prison. Soso insisted that she hated Fresh and she would make further attempts to kill her niece if she were allowed to remain free.