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Atom Light

First Appearance:

February 9th, 1945

Created By:

Chester Gould

The Atom Light was one of several devices developed by Brilliant Smith for Diet Smith Industries. It was a small device that emitted a very bright light. During its development, Brilliant miscalculated the setting and consequently blinded himself permanently during a test.

One application of the Atom Light was in crime prevention. It was thought that a short burst of extremely bright light would temporarily a blind a criminal while a crime was being committed, the allowing them to be subdued. It was also considered for use in search-and-rescue operations as an efficient way to light areas (underground, collapsed buildings, large facilities experiencing a power outage, etc).

The prototype Atom Light was stolen by Irma and Herman, who believed it had been developed using their research without justly compensating them. While Irma believed the invention was worth a fortune to legitimate businesses, Herman became convinced it would be more valuable to criminals. He used it during a robbery in which he was attempting to get supplies to develop further inventions, but was killed by a police officer.


The Atom Light was eventually recovered by Diet Smith Industries, but has seen little use since. The 2-Way Wrist Radio (and its derivatives) eventually incorporated Atom Light technology.