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Athnel Jones was on older, temperamental man. He was heavyset, with a bald head and bushy light-colored sideburns.

The Gothorn Murder[]

When Addie Gothorn was found dead in a hotel, Dick Tracy combined efforts with FBI agent Jim Trailer to find the killer. A bullet hole was apparent in the back of Gothorn's head, but there was no bullet to be found.

Soon after, a bellhop at the hotel was killed in the same manner. Athnel's eyeglasses had been found at the scene of the crime, which prompted Tracy to plant Junior in disguise as a bellhop to spy on Jones. After an attempt on Junior's life, Tracy and Trailer broke into Athnel's room. They discovered a refrigeration unit that Athnel used to produce his unique bullets which were made of ice.

Athnel returned to his room and found Tracy and Trailer, who were able to stall Athnel until the ice bullets in his gun melted. Athnel was arrested and his guns were taken to Washington D.C. by Trailer for further study.

Athnel revealed that his motive for the murder had been that  Gothorn was blackmailing him, so Athnel sought vengeance.


  • The "Hotel Murders" storyline was one of the few genuine mysteries included in the strip, inasmuch as the reading audience learned the clues and the killer's identity along with Tracy.
  • Another suspect in the Hotel Murder was Lips Manlis.
  • There is no apparent connection between Athnel Jones and the criminal Jones Family or Model Jones.
  • Not only was Gothorn blackmailing Jones, he caused his wife to commit suicide.