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Astral Turf was a supposed psychic and associate of Deputy Chief Climer. She was a British citzen who had short green (presumably dyed) hair.

Associate of Climer[]

Astral Turf was brought to Dick Tracy's city by Interim Chief Climer following the disappearance of Chief Pat Patton. Climer's stated intention was to help the investigation, but he was actually attempting to stifle it, as he was the one who had abducted and shot Patton. He provided Turf with information that would allow her to maintain her ruse of being psychic, which she used to lead the Major Crimes Squad to the still-alive Chief Patton.

Who Shot Pat Patton[]

Once Patton was hospitalized and the investigation continued, Climer again enlisted Turf's aid. The pair conspired to frame writer Kasper Hackett for the attempted murder of the Chief, during the course of which they would make it appear that Hackett had committed suicide.

Turf subdued Hackett at the cheap hotel in which Hackett was living. She burned his notes and recordings of his interviews with Chief Patton, and wrote a confession/suicide note on Hackett's typewriter. She then turned on the gas stove and left, believing that the fumes would suffocate the author.


Astral Turf then went to the Tracy Agency, where she led Tracy and Johnny Adonis to Hackett. She believed that this would further help her reputation as a psychic, and speed the discovery of Hackett's "confession", thus shifting suspicion away from her and Climer. Hackett, however, had not yet died, and Tracy and Adonis were about to revive him. Hackett was unable to remember who assaulted him, but Tracy recognized a clue in the suicide that made him suspect Turf (she had used the British spelling of the word "spectre" rather than the more-common-in-America spelling of "specter").

When Tracy voiced his suspicions, Turf confessed. She was taken into custody and her statement implicated Climer, who was subsequently killed while attempting to murder Dick Tracy. Turf was presumably tried on charges of attempted murder, conspiracy, and possibly fraud.


  • The name "Astral Turf" is derived from "astroturf", a type of artificial grass used in sports arenas. Additionally, the term "astral" is often associated with various New Age beliefs and practices (astral projection, the astral plane, etc.).