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Astor Boyd is a young man who is friends with Honeymoon Tracy. He has short, dark hair that points up on the sides.

Like Honeymoon, Astor is a fan of Themesong.

Honeymoon has suggested that there is a romantic element to her relationship with Astor, and claims that they have "almost kissed" (July 14th, 2015). She later claimed that she was happy with Astor as her friend and was reluctant to complicate their relationship.

Astor joined Honeymoon at the cosplay convention that she attended. His costume appeared to be based on the video game character Mega Man.

Astor continued to spend time with Honeymoon into their early teenage years, and they developed a tentative youthful romance.


  • Astor's appearance and name are apparently inspired by the character Astro Boy.
  • Astor's name has also been spelt "Aster".
  • It has not been established if Astor is a member of the Crimestoppers Club.