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Arthur Maylie was the second-in-command of the Purple Cross Gang. He was a short man with a curved spine. He had dark hair, a high forehead, and prominent front teeth. He typically wore eyeglasses and smoked small cigars,

Loyal Gangster[]

Maylie was an obedient member of the Purple Cross Gang, dutifully serving "Shirtsleeve" Kelton, aka "The Boss". One of Maylie's duties was obtaining the purple tattoo ink that was used to tattoo the gang members' tongues with a purple cross.

Maylie was a known associate of Kelton's. Dick Tracy questioned Kelton about Maylie's whereabouts after Tracy had discovered Maylie's identity from the tattoo ink vendor. Kelton refused to cooperate with Tracy, but quickly arranged a meeting with Maylie. Unbeknownst to the two gang members, their activities were observed by Tracy.

Tracy followed Maylie back to his apartment, where he discovered that his friend Jim Trailer (an FBI agent) had been searching the premises. Maylie and his confederates had discovered Trailer and beaten him. They then left Trailer in Maylie's apartment and fled. Tracy became occupied with helping Trailer and was unable to pursue Maylie.

The Gang's New Plan[]

Kelton then revealed his new plans to the Purple Cross Gang. He provided them all with chauffeurs' uniforms and fast cars. The gang then committed robberies far outside Dick Tracy's jurisdiction, returning to the city separately to avoid suspicion. Maylie took a leadership role in these robberies, and showed skill at using a firearm.

After several successful robberies, Maylie convinced the other members of the gang that they should receive a larger share of the money they stole. They threatened Kelton at gunpoint, and Kelton agreed to their demands. Kelton then lured the gang to a garage where he killed them all (including Maylie) with a machine gun.


  • Based on the artwork, it is possible that Arthur Maylie was meant to be of Asian descent, but this was never explicitly stated in the strip.
  • Several members of the Purple Cross Gang appeared in disguise as early as October 13th, 1936, but it is not possible to determine if any of these men were Maylie. Given Maylie's distinctive body type, it is unlikely.
  • While Johnny Fling was known to be a member of the Purple Cross Gang, it was not established if he knew or interacted with Maylie at any time.