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Arthur "Nip" Dolton had been a member of the Redrum Gang 1926. He later fought his way through the criminal underworld to become "czar" of the slot machine racket in 1936.

In 1937, Dolton was shot and killed as part of the revenge plot by his old boss Frank Redrum aka The Blank. Dolton's body was placed in the trunk of his car which was then set to be struck by a train. His remains were found by Dick Tracy, along with the first real clue to the Blank's identity - a fingerprint in the victim's blood.


  • Dolton was killed "off-camera" and did not appear in the strip except as a corpse.
  • An example of Tracy's deductive reasoning is shown when he looks over Dolton's body and notices that the exit wounds are all above the point of entry, indicating that Dolton and his killer had engaged in a struggle in which the killer was thrown to the ground, from where he shot and killed Dolton.
  • Although not explicitly stated, it is possible that Dolton's slot machine racket was taken over by Czar Rennis
  • A later Rogues' Gallery feature misspelled Nip's last name as "Dalton".