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Armored Car Gang
Some of The Armored Car Gang, in white jackets

First Appearance:

October 29th, 1972

Created By:

Chester Gould

Can be Found:

The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 27

The Armored Car Gang was a criminal organization in Dick Tracy's city. It consisted of at least five men and one woman.

Early Activities[]

The Armored Car Gang robbed armored cars using a variety of methods. In one instance, they bombed the engine of an armored car, killing the driver and seriously injuring the other guard. They then broke open the back of the truck and stole the money. After this theft, a female member of the gang disguised herself as a nurse and assaulted Junior Tracy at a hospital, breaking his hand to prevent him from preparing a police sketch based on the surviving guard's description.

Second Attempt[]

The gang's second known attempt involved tricking the driver and guard into believing that they had struck a pedestrian as a way to lure them out of the armored car. The gang then held the guards at gunpoint, planning to drive the truck away. This scheme had been anticipated by Dick Tracy, who was hidden nearby with officer Groovy Grove. Tracy and Grove revealed themselves and exchanged gunshots with the thieves. Two members of the gang were killed, but the third (a woman) escaped in the truck.

The female gang member then drove to a hidden meeting place where another member of the gang was waiting. They disguised the armored car as a camper, then drove it into the rural area outside Dick Tracy's city. There, they met with other members of the gang who hovered over the car in a helicopter. The passenger in the armored car attached a canvas sack with $500,000 cash in it to a rope lowered from the helicopter.

By this time, the police had tracked the stolen armored car in a Space Coupe. As the helicopter flew away with the bag hanging off it, the Space Coupe pursued it. An occupant of the helicopter shot at Dick Tracy in the Space Coupe, and Tracy returned fire, killing the gunman. Tracy was able to snag the rope attached to the canvas bag with a grappling hook, thus preventing the helicopter from flying away. The stress on the rope caused it to break, and the bag with the money fell onto a piece of abandoned farmland. The helicopter pilot landed and surrendered.


Two surviving members of the Armored Car Gang seeking shelter.

The driver of the armored car and her accomplice evaded police by shooting the engine block of a pursuing patrol car. They abandoned the armored car and hid their rifle in a nearby culvert. They approached a farmhouse and asked the farmer there for shelter, claiming to be motorists in distress. The farmer's wife welcomed them in, but the farmer had observed them from his tractor and knew that they were wanted criminals. He tricked them into getting into the cargo section of his large truck, then drove it towards the city to meet Dick Tracy on the road.

The stolen money was later found by the boy known as Peanutbutter, who received a reward from the armored car company.


  • None of the members of the Armored Car Gang were ever identified by name.
  • It was not made clear if the woman who disguised herself as a nurse and broke Junior's hand was the same female member of the gang that was seen later in the storyline.
  • When the two members of the gang who had abandoned the armored car sought refuge at Maw and Paw's farm, the man claimed that the woman was pregnant. This was most likely a ruse to gain sympathy, but it was never confirmed or denied.
  • It is is not known if the Armored Car Gang was affiliated with any larger criminal organization (such as the Apparatus). They apparently had access to bomb making materials and a helicopter, so it is a possibility.