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Alex Bellum, aka "Aquarius", was a drug dealer in Dick Tracy's city. He had long black hair that he wore in a ponytail. He had a thin goatee. He typically wore sunglasses and a bright, multi-colored shirt.

At some point, Aquarius and his wealthy aunt Peggy Bellum were involved in a car crash that left Peggy paralyzed. Aquarius became responsible for her care. He took up residence in the commune owned by his invalid aunt and used it as the base for his drug selling operation.

When his sellers began to have confrontations with rival sellers, Aquarius took action. He confronted the informant known as Pouch, whom he believed to be a go-between for a rival drug dealer. Pouch's associate Tiger Lilly followed Aquarius home, where he was discovered. Aquarius locked Lilly in the cellar.

Aquarius continued his illegal activities, unaware that police were gathering evidence about his drug selling operation. Tiger Lilly escaped from the cellar, starting a gas leak in the commune in the process. Aquarius was away from the house at the time, and his girlfriend Cheesecake evacuated Peggy before they could be overcome by fumes.

Aquarius' wealthy father Stephan was attempting to convince Peggy to sell the commune so he could develop the property. Stephan's assistant Oscar helped Peggy and Cheesecake leave the house and took them to Stephan's residence. Cheesecake informed Aquarius of their whereabouts, and Aquarius arrived to confront his father.

Aquarius entered Peggy's room just as Oscar was attempting to smother her with a pillow (in an attempt to secure the property for Stephan). The two men fought, and Oscar prepared to stab Aquarius. Police arrived and stopped the fight.

Aquarius was arrested and charged for his narcotics selling activities.